Definitive Talents

Whiskey Sunday


Whiskey Sunday is the hottest and hardest working Americana/Irish Folk-Rock band in Southern California. In 2016 alone we played 51 gigs at 27 different venues. Our year included 2 music videos, 2 tours to San Francisco and San Diego, our LA radio debut on KLOS, and many festivals including The Special Olympics and The Get Shamrocked Festival. The Irish pub circuit trained us into an extremely tight group, playing mostly 3-4 hour gigs of both Irish covers and our own brand of Irish-American Folk. Whiskey Sunday plays traditional Irish tunes and ballads along with modern Irish classics from bands like The Waterboys, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Mumford and Sons etc! Irish-American songwriters not forgotten in the Whiskey catalogue include Bruce Springsteen, CCR, The Band and many more. Please visit our facebook page, youtube page, and take a listen to our original songs on iTunes. Our instrumentation includes acoustic guitar, electric harp, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, stand up bass, and bodhran. Please contact us with any questions regarding our rates or music.

Bio of Band:
Los Angeles based Whiskey Sunday is Patrick Joseph Rieger, Olivia Sandoval, Vito Gutilla, Adam Hall and Liam Lewis. Rieger, from the icy-backstreets of Minneapolis, formed the band in 2012, combining his shared roots of Irish-folk with a hearty pour of Americana, prairie winds, and river-side cabin-hymns. The Midwesterner met Sandoval in 2013, and they began writing what would become the definitive heartland-story for the Southern California audience. Whiskey Sunday will bring the lake-house out in any Irish-American, folk lover. They released “Holy Water” in 2014, on Tam O’Shanter Records. Music that asks you to pour something single-malt, sit on the porch, and sip reverently.