Definitive Talents



A gutsy, powerful R&B/Soul Band with the ability to excite an audience from the first downbeat, this ten-man line-up of seasoned pros has come together for one reason: a love for the R&B sound with soulful vocals, a funky rhythm section, and a killer horn section.

TNT has been together since January of 2000 perfecting their sound while recreating the performances of the R&B acts that started it all. They perform authentic covers of songs from bands like Blood , Sweat, and Tears, Tower of Power, Chicago, James Brown, and many more. TNT’s fresh and exciting arrangements of familiar songs creates their own unique stamp that you won’t hear anywhere else.

The band consists of a four-piece rhythm section, five horns, and a lead vocalist. Each member brings a unique talent to the band that creates a sum that is much greater than the parts.

The rhythm players are some of the most talented and experienced musicians around. Each of them can sing with the talent to front the band. In addition, one of the rhythm section players doubles on horns to give the band an even bigger sound when needed.

Every member of the horn section is an exciting soloist with the ability to ignite the crowd. Together as a section, their playing it as tight as it gets. Only one word can describe the sound: POWERFUL.

The lead vocalist oozes soul. He captivates an audience with his ability to recreate the sound fo the original artist while singing in his own unique style. His stage presence is warm and friendly and immediately connects with the audience.

TNT is truly a rhythm and blues superband spanning the music of the time and tying it all together in a powerful package.


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