Definitive Talents

KC Twins


Kristin and Cory are identical twin singers and songwriters, coming from the Midwest, growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now residing in Las Vegas, The girls not only perform in this town, they perform all over the U.S. Including areas such as: Atlanta, Georgia, Palm Springs, California, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Reno, Nevada, Chicago, Illinois, Nassau, Bahamas, Frederick, Maryland, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Columbus, Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Orlando, Florida and more! Opening up for Main Stream Artists such as Bone Thuggs and Harmony, Nina Sky and Ginuwine, the girls have been making their mark on stages for the past 8 years.

Kristin and Cory write their original material in the genres of Pop/Country, and are currently traveling back and forth to Nashville recording a new album. But with most venues in Vegas requesting covers, they bring every genre to that stage from Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, Reggae, Hip Hop, Top 40, Motown, to R&B- Which naturally speeds up and affects their original style’s growth. Always evolving.

The twins model, host and act as well. Wearing many hats, the girls know how to intertwine all these angles beautifully- As it is “all creative entertainment” to them! However, that stage is Kristin and Cory’s PLAYGROUND, and no doubt will you hear their names resonating around this town!


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