Definitive Talents





Chris Valera is a young musician who can sing, play piano, bass guitar, the guitar and the ukelele. He would say that he is comfortable at all these instruments, and truly he does look like he’s having fun when he’s playing them, but he’s a piano man through and through.

Signed as a recording artist in the Philippines, Chris is an adept solo instrumentalist. Composing melodies and tasty chord progressions is a favorite pasttime. Something of which he has already parlayed into a budding career as a film music scorer. His covers of well known pieces is something of note too! Like his version of “Bella’s Lullabye” which he posted on YouTube which to date has hit 5.1 million views. He’s also recorded original songs with actress-and chill music artist Alessandra De Rossi, Glaiza De Castro, and has jammed with dozens of bands from Metro Manila to Metro Cebu.

Asked why he calls himself “The Angry Piano,” Chris answers “I go for feel when I play the piano. And when it’s just me, I tend to cover all the dynamics of a song, and when I’m really digging for emotion, it comes out in my playing. “Angry” just refers to the way I sound–loud and big! And burning with passion!”

Having studied music formally at a young age, Chris says that piano-playing just comes easy for him. Asked how he does it, he simply shrugs and says, “chords are easy enough to figure, and the melody even easier, the rest is just to fill in the blanks!” Perhaps for him it is, but for the rest of us mortals, it doesn’t. That’s why we’ll just be content to watch on the side and be awed by talented musicians like Chris Valera. That way we can share with the gift of music which this guy has in abundance.

Chris is a Viva Records and Viva managed artist.