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DJ Wendi Cakes

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DJ Wendi Cakes

Las Vegas, NV

DJ Wendi Cakes is a rising name within the international entertainment scene. Growing up in Japan and eventually relocating to Las Vegas, this Asian-American siren is an eclectic mix of musical skill and exotic beauty.

In just one year, Wendi Cakes has gone from a mere novice on the turntables to a highly sought commodity spinning in the hottest night spots of San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and everywhere in between.

Much more than a talent who can be pigeonholed as a “West Coast DJ”, Wendi has the ability to match her unique, multicultural style with that of any venue. East Coast or West Coast, domestic or international, this DJ will tantalize the crowd both visually and sonically.

More recently, the euphoric response of these overseas listeners has only seen demand for her DJ sets rise.

Wendi Cakes has showcased her enviable ability as the Tour DJ for electro-pop sensations, Far East Movement. Touring with the chart-topping group during their 2012 tour of
Asia, Wendi roused crowds in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and even China! With her extensive knowledge of relevant and varied genres of music, Wendi Cakes expertly sweetens any venue with a sensation comparable to strawberry shortcake – layered perfectly – just the way you like it!

With DJ Wendi Cakes, you can have your cake and hear it too!

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