DJ Stashwell

DJ Stashwell

DJ Stashwell


Houston, TX


Full force and in action, DJ STASHWELL brings the house down with his heavy bass and up beat tempo making it hard for one not want to dance. This DJ on the rise is making his name heard and respected by his peers and audience. This is not some job that he decided to pick for extra cash. His love of music and passion to entertain the masses has led him to what can be seen as an overly populated industry of disc jockeying. As they say, “it’s not a job if you love what you do.” From hip-hop to house, this Chicagoan born, Houston raised man of the hour keeps his listeners going with his wide array of song archives. Though his passion for hip-hop and house, it doesn’t keep him from following the status quo to get someone rocking to the beat. As a new member of the Deftal DJs family, he knows no limits with music when it comes to getting the mood set and the night right. Music is his unstoppable force.


Midtown Drinkery
Houston Rockets Pre-game DJ


Stackwell Society (


Houston Rockets Pre-game DJ

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