DJ Raphiki

DJ Raphiki

DJ Raphiki

Las Vegas, NV

DJ Raphiki is a DJ/VDJ originally from Los Angeles, CA. He has DJ’d all across the U.S. from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Miami to Laughlin. He is an Open Format DJ who specializes in Hip-Hop and EDM. Raphiki has headlined clubs such as Foxtail Nightclub at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas, Infusion at Universal Studios City Walk in Hollywood, CA and Vanguard Lounge over in Fremont St in Las Vegas, NV. Raphiki has also had guest radio sets on DefTal Radio and Hot 97.5 KVEG in Las Vegas, NV.

Raphiki started out DJing in 2011 while in the U.S. Air Force. He originally started out doing Open Mic events to help independent artist get their first break of performing. He ran an event at the Hard Rock hotel call Recess. He then graduated into getting booked at different venues around town and in California.

I love seeing smiles on people’s faces when I drop a song they haven’t heard in years or a song that brings them back to some good memories of the past. I love to mix up playing new school and old school music. To me music is timeless; if it was a hit in 1995 it will still be a hit in 2025! I like to use DJing as a way to forget about everything going on around me and just have fun and let loose. I play what I’d enjoy listing to and I love music of all genre’s. I love hearing from customers “Wow I loved your set” or “Where will you be playing next” or You are definitely the best DJ I’ve ever heard” These are the types of comments and feedback I love to get from my audience during and after my gigs.

I am looking to become the best DJ not only in Las Vegas or the west coast, but the World! I have been able to come into many different situations and make people fall in love with me. DJing isn’t just a job, it’s a passion! I love to have a good time and hope that I make you have an even better time!


The Ainsworth
Infusion Lounge
Rockhouse Bar & Nightclub
Hot 97.5
Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas
Foxtail, SLS Hotel
Insomnia Hookah Cafe
Geisha House
DB’s Pong & Pool
El Cortez, Las Vegas
The Catalina, Miami, FL
Tilted Kilt, Las Vegas
Little Macau
Vanguard, Las Vegas
Commonwealth, Las Vegas


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