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DJ Raboo

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During her toddler years, DJ Raboo always loved the feel of the line’s rigidness on her father’s vinyl records. She was hypnotized by the revolving turntable and would often place her lithe fingertips on the metal circles while the platter would spin always wondering how it functioned. The big thumps of the bass jumping through the old school Cerwin-Vega speakers always amped her up in the morning. Throughout her childhood, her father introduced her ears to a wide spectrum of music genres while he practiced DJing for a specific wedding, cotillion, business event, etc. Little did she know that the repetitiveness and variety of songs would be glued to her memory. The more types of music she heard, the more aware she was of what good music consisted of. Her favorite genres growing up ranged anywhere from funk to euro to hip hop which she enjoys reuniting in her current mixes.

DJ Raboo has been DJing and researching music since her junior high years. Some DJs that inspired her growing up in her Filipino community were DJ Speed, Mista Bimsta, DJ Boy Wonder and DJ Zero just to name a few.

It was not until high school did she become serious about becoming a reputable DJ especially for her gender (there weren’t as many female DJs then as there is now). In 2003, Raboo won a DJ battle amongst several groups of male peers during her sophomore year of high school based on crowd likeability. Ever since then, the determination to please a crowd as well pleasing her own ears always has her craving to spin. In 2005, Raboo decided to render off and explore the club scene. Not satisfied with the confined club and mainstream songs every DJ played, this made her more eager to step outside of the box and play songs that weren’t heard that often; her intent was to broaden the music interest of the crowd or connect with those of the same music interests. In 2007, her first gig started at Cherry Red now called Uncle Fatty’s, a few blocks down from her Lincoln Park DePaul campus. DJ Ruki, a friend of her father’s, started to hire her to other venues such as Dragonfly — ever since then, her network with other DJs and promoters has been ongoing.

After a few years of experience she was able to land gigs in Manila, Philippines at Absinth Lounge, Jaipur, and Ascend. She was also interviewed on Manila’s station “The Wave.” Also, when out for vacation with friends in San Diego, California, Raboo had the opportunity to spin at On Broadway with Ashley Robles and DJ Rage. She has spun local Chicago clubs such as: Xoxo, Radiostar/Sangria, Pearl Lounge, Celebrity, Legroom, Brother’s Bar, Images, DeJavu, Mambos, Fever Night Club, Zentra, Absolute Lounge, Heat Nighclub, Paddy 0′ Splanes, Tabu, Mannequin, V-live, Ole Lounge, Spoon, Valentino’s, Angels and Kings, Hard Rock Cafe and Filthy Libertine. With help from her father and fellow DJ partners like DJ Trilogy, DJ Erge, DJ Sin and Mista Bimsta, Jam One, Kollage, and Max, Raboo collected different DJ skills.

Today, Raboo is currently a Henchlady, together the Henchmen DJ crew. She currently spins at Fuze, Ohm, Empire Liquors, Citizen, Vision, Geisha House, Set, Teaz, Beffy’s Bluestar.


Empire Liquors
Geisha House
Betty’s Bluestar
Pearl Lounge
Brother’s Bar

Fever Night Club
Absolute Lounge
Heat Nightclub
Paddy O’Splanes
Tabu, Mannequin
Ole Lounge
Angels and Kings
Hard Rock Café
Filthy Libertine


Henchmen DJ Crew

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