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DJ Quira

Las Vegas, NV



In a very short period of time the accomplished DJ Quira has risen above the ranks with her talent and skill in the competitive market of Las Vegas nightlife.

In less than seven years Quira has had the opportunity to Deejay at some of the most successful nightclubs in the United States, including Marquee Night Club. Hailing from Seattle and landing in Vegas, Quira was exposed to House music while working at ICE nightclub, and again at TAO Nightclub where she worked as a cocktail waitress while nishing her BSBA Marketing degree from UNLV. Quira soon found a new passion and has dedicated her life to her music. As sexy as she is smart, she is as much a personality and a burst of positive energy to any nightclub as you can hope to nd. Rest assured you will see many more big accomplishments from this small package… Stay tuned.

“In 2002 I had a choice to make; go to college in Seattle, Washington or start the next chapter of my life in Las Vegas. So I quickly chose Las Vegas, which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As soon as I got to Vegas, I knew this was where I wanted to be. As soon as I felt the energy, I knew I was hooked! I started working as a cocktail waitress, at ICE Night club one of the hottest spots off the strip. Establishing myself in the Nightlife Industry I began working at ICE Nightclub right when I turned 21, while during this time HOUSE was making its mark and ICE and Godskitchen (Angel Music Group) were at the fore front of the scene. It was here I was exposed to some of the most amazing house DJs in the world, but not just listening to them and watching them perform; I was able to meet them and get to know them on a personal level. I also got to work with an amazing crew of people and Godskitchen (aka Angel Music Group).

As bigger and better clubs in casinos on the strip started emerging, I took the opportunity to work at TAO Nightclub right when it opened in 2005. In 2005, I left Ice and went to work at TAO. Tao, being one of the industry leaders in Las Vegas nightlife, allowed me to taste new music while inspiring my passion to become a Dj. I joined TAO as a cocktail waitress and I immediately felt at home. Being part of the TAO family has set me up for success.

I’ve always been passionate about house music; it takes a lot of talent to get a room full of people vibing to the same music and building off the positive energy in the room. It’s no wonder why I always seem to find my way to the DJ booth; it’s where all the magic happens.

Even though I was always amazed with the idea of being a DJ, I didn’t consider that as a career path. I came to Vegas to get my marketing degree, not to become a DJ. That all changed when a good friend of mine passed me his Mac book Pro with all of his music, Scratch Live Serato program, and I started to play around. Once I actually got the hang of the program I decided that I could do both.

I wanted to bring people together through music, the way I’ve seen other DJ’s do it. All the while still getting my marketing degree. Marketing and music go hand in hand, while marketing goes with almost everything. So with my knowledge of music, all my amazing DJ friends and mentors and an undying commitment to build my craft, I decided to put Serato aside get serious and really learn the fundamentals of DJ’ing. I called up a very good friend of mine, Bad Boy Bill, and asked him if he would send me some vinyl. Two weeks later I got a package from Ménage Records based in Chicago with doubles of every single record, that way I could learn how to beat match and mix the old school “real” way. So I would spend and still do spend hours upon hours (4-5 minimum) in my home practicing the fundamentals of mixing music.

I am so dedicated to the craft and being the best that I can be, I want to be able to DJ on any set up. I want to be able to spin on vinyl and CDJ’s. I will continue to always push myself further, there is always more to learn & I love a challenge… “

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