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DJ Pumpin Pete

Chicago, IL

A true turntablist at heart with a natural love for Hip Hop and funk, but bred on the driving beats of Chicago house music. Blended with a love of scratching and beat juggling and a constant desire to entertain a crowd set me apart from most DJ’s. Started spinning in 1983 and have since amassed a long list of DJ residencies in and around Chicago.

Honorable mentions include: Culz on Cuts Turntable improv, The Goodness nationally recognized Hip Hop event, and current radio mix show DJ on Chicago’s Vocalo Friday Night DJ collective. His sound can be best described as raw funky soulful underground breakers mixtape meets DJ seminar. Pumpin Pete is sure to keep hands in the air.

Influences: Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Revolution, Shortkut, Babu, Jesse De La Pena, Joc Max, Beat Junkies, Rob Swift, Grandmaster Caz, Grand Wizard Theodore, Steve D


Quest For The Best DJ Competition Champion 1987
Style Wars Battle Of The DJ’s Champion 1988
Chicago Sound Sensation Great Battle Of The DJ’s Champion 1990
DMC Mix Championships Champion 1990 & 1991
Subculture Records Artist 1990-1992
UC Atterhours Music Artist/DJ 1995-1998
Blue Groove All-Stars DJ (Elbo/Funky Budda/Doubledoor) 1994-Present
Chicago Area Nightclub Appearances 1994-Present

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