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Las Vegas, NV

DJ MV (Victor Mabu) was born in Cameroon (Africa), and started learning how to DJ in the later part of 2002 while studying in Stuttgart (Germany). His passion grew bigger in London where he DJed Latin music at some of the most popular Latin events/ spots in London (UK) and other neighboring cities.

DJ MV doesn’t only DJ Latin music but also School 70s-80s-90s, Top 40 Club Rhythms, RnB, Hip Hop, African and other music genres for all types of occasions. After living, studying and working in Africa, Europe and currently the United States, DJ MV has a unique talent and understanding of various cultures, musical tastes and a feel of what is needed to keep the dance floor busy and everyone happy all night.

DJ MV taught Salsa Dancing in Africa, Europe and currently teaches Salsa in the United States on a part time basis. Being a Salsa dancer of most of the styles of Salsa makes him connect with every dancer and understand what dancers need to enjoy the night.

DJ MV is also one of Deftal’s DJs, residing in Las Vegas. He has DJed at many Casinos/ event spaces including The Hard Rock Café, Gold Coast Show Room (resident Latin DJ), The Cat House, El Dorado Casino, Mandalay Bay and many other venues smaller venues in Las Vegas. DJ MV believes it’s not about the quantity of the music (gigabytes/ terabytes) you have, but 1) The quality of music you have, 2) How and when you play the quality tracks you have and 3) Your ability to read what people on the dance floor want or don’t want. That makes a DJ. See you on the dance floor.

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