DJ Micro

DJ Micro

St. Louis, MO

DJ Micro is one of Saint Louis’ hottest nightclub DJs, known for fusing the best of top 40, hip-hop, house, and electro. Micro’s sound is high-energy, dance-centered house, along with hip-hop bangers. Micro has been know to have crowds get crunk to the hood hits, go crazy to the latest from the pop charts, and loose their minds to the energy of creative electro remixes all in the same night. Once you see him live, you will not stop moving. Micro joined Release Management, a house DJ label based in Saint Louis, in August of 2010, and most recently Definitive Talents (DefTal DJs), a world-wide booking agency in March 2012.

Micro’s obsession with music began early in life. By the time he was old enough to drive, he had amassed a huge library of over five-thousand songs. Micro was one of the first aboard the digital wave, embracing the newest technologies to fuel his musical thirst. Although Micro had a huge interest and investment into music, he didn’t pursue any type of professional career until fate led him to DJ Kue. DJ Kue was a young, talented DJ just stepping out onto the nightlife stage. After developing a friendship, and spending countless hours listening to Kue perfect his craft, Micro finally decided to touch a turntable; the Gemini TT-02. A few clumsy scratches, one accidental double-beat later, Micro was hooked.

Micro has collaborated with DJs from all over the world, both in clubs, and at world-known events like the Winter Music Conference, taking the best sounds from every genre and transforming them into a non-stop, high-intensity dance mix. As a child, the combination of his music background, his technical DJ skills, and his ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology makes for an experience like no other. Today, you can find DJ Micro all over the country rocking the hottest clubs. Check back often to see his schedule, he may be killing a party near you.


Saint Louis, MO
Coliseum Music Lounge
SoHo Lounge
Fusion Nightclub
Oz Nightclub
Red 7
Pepper Lounge
Club 15
Lucas Park
Social House
Drunken Fish
Upstairs Lounge
Bar Louie
Harry’s Sky Deck
Sugar Lounge

Columbia, MO
Room 38

Evansville, IN

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