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DJ Kue

St. Louis, MO

This St. Louis native is one of the best open format DJS in the Midwest. Although DJ Kue wasn’t always a fan of other genres such as rock, electro, disco, 80’s and others he understood the placement of the music, and always paid attention what the people around him were jamming out to. So when the time came to become a DJ all that observation paid off. Just like every other DJ on the planet Kue started out doing house parties, weddings, reunions, and birthday parties. But that wasn’t enough, he had his sights set way higher, he wanted to get in to the clubs.

Breaking into scene as a hip hop DJ playing at clubs such Club Isis, The Spot, and The Limelight he knew if he was going to make a real impact and a bigger name for his self he had to play everything and that’s exactly what he did. Now you can find DJ Kue playing in all different kinds of venues, playing every type of music he can to keep the party jumping and the people coming back. Kue has turned his sets into musical melting pot mixing hip hop with rock, soul with electro, and mashing every genre from 80’s, Bmore, Disco, Top 40, Hip, Hop, Rock, House, R&B and anything else he can find that’s hot.


Sangria | IL
Club Indigo | KS
Margaritas | IA
City Walk | OK
Latitudes | FL
Room 38, Tonic, Memoir |MO
Eye Candy Sound Lounge in Mandalay Bay | NV
Primal | GA
Smashboxx | AZ
Raoul’s Velvet Room |MO
Liars Club | IA
Laselle Power Co | IL
Ohm | IL
Detention | IL
33 Forty | OK
W Hotel | AZ
Drunken Fish | KC
Luna | KC
Mosaic | KC


2011 Midwest DJ Throwdown Champ
Official Jack Daniels DJ
Official Scratch Events DJ
Miller Light
Southern Comfort
Red Bull
Monster Energy Drink

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