DJ Kriscut

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DJ Kriscut

DJ Kriscut

Las Vegas, NV

A true turntablist DJ with the ability to rock a party with her music programming, DJ Kriscut had a residency at Risque de Paris and continues to guest DJ at many other nightclub venues such as Tabu, Tao/Tao Beach, Lavo, and Pure Nightclubs.

She has DJ’ed alongside such acts as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mark Ronson, and Funkmaster Flex, and has DJ’ed many celebrity afterparties, including Christina Millian’s and L.L. Cool J’s. She has worked for many corporations such as Nike, Puma, and MetroPark.

DJ Kriscut also continues to travel across the US, headlining in many major cities, including Hollywood, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, and Boston, and internationally into Vancouver, Canada.

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