DJ Kontrol




Atlanta, GA

Based in Las Vegas, the party capital of the world, DJ K0NTR0L sets himself apart from the rest with his experience as both a DJ & producer. His productions have been supported by industry heavyweights like DIPLO, TIESTO & LIL JON. The latter is also his frequent collaborator as the 2 have released dozens of mashups together over the last few years, along with a Mixtape/ DVD titled The King of Crunk & The Remix Junkie. Their collaborations have become favorites among DJs on radio stations all over the globe. K0NTR0L is also one half of the popular EDM duo TRPMSTR.

With over 18,000 FOLLOWERS & almost TWO MILLION plays on his SOUNDCLOUD page, he is also a proven tastemaker in the industry who people look to for not only his own releases but also the cutting edge music that he shares with the world. These days it is hard to find a DJ who doesn’t have a multitude of K0NTR0L remixes in their Serato crates.

As a DJ, K0NTR0L spins an open-format of music featuring classics from every decade in addition to many of his signature Remixes. With more than 10 years of nightclub experience, this DJ has what it takes to satisfy a diverse room of clubgoers. His vast knowledge of music & knack for incorporating the craziest Remixes into his sets ensure a good time whenever he is in “K0NTR0L” of the party!

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