DJ Kommotion

DJ Kommotion

DJ Kommotion

Raleigh, NC

Kommotion’s style has evolved as music has progressed. Self taught as a Dj over a decade ago, Kommotion has literally played thousands of gigs to all types of audiences. He has now stepped into the realm of editing and production, working with Rarecrates, Clubtapes, Blastvids, Freakonomix, and many other sites to release his original audio/video remixing/editing/mixes. A true open format club Dj, Kommotion mixes all types of music with a passion for progressive forms of electronic music and well known in the trap music world. Kommotion is schooled in the newest programs and controllers, but performs 99% of the time on two turntables, just like the old school Djs he came up watching, setting him apart from a lot of electronic performers in particular.


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  • Kisuke

    April 5th, 2014 at 12:57 PM

    Great, i am sure that music is able to inspire diengesrs, music can have influence to your emotions, transport your feelings and at the end touch your heart

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