DJ Kittie

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DJ Kittie
DJ Kittie

DJ Kittie

Las Vegas, NV

DJ Kittie is no stranger to the industry. She has been featured in
XXL, one of the hottest hip hop magazines out, played for huge music
festivals that headlined artists Eminem, Kaskade, Calvin Harris & Wiz
Khalifa. She finished a nationwide tour with Young Money artist Chanel
West Coast in late 2013. She has held down a residency at Tao & Lavo
in Las Vegas. DJ Kittie does it all, from Djing in a nightclub, to
touring around the world. From Top 40 to House music, she spins it

The list doesn’t stop there, this talented young woman is always
learning something new. She is currently working on how to produce
music and taking her career to a new level. So, watch out for this
motivated DJ who is on the move!

Don’t let this pretty face fool you, DJ Kittie is a pro on the
tables. She is an ultra versatile DJ, dropping some of the hottest
beats out. This little Kitten on the decks can spin anything from EDM,
House, Hip-Hop, Twerk, and Trap. Born in Kansas City, this Asian
beauty is a hard worker and very determined to succeed in such a male
dominated scene. Anything the boys can do, she will do better and look
cuter doing it too! DJ Kittie never plays the same set twice. With her
talent and upbeat personality, she is steadily building her DJ
queendom and can definitely beat the boys at their own game.

DJ Kittie first started DJing in 2008 but her passion for music
started when she was just nine years old. Being a DJ isn’t just about
playing music to her, it’s about making the crowd feel a certain way.
It’s about bringing back memories and creating new ones with her.
Energy and passion is what its about!


Tao Night Club (Las Vegas)
Tao Beach (Las Vegas)
Lavo Night Club (Las Vegas)
STK (Las Vegas)
Moon Night Club (Las Vegas)
Body English Night Club (Las Vegas)
Voodoo Night Club (Kansas City)
Empire Room (Kansas City)
Kanrocksas (Kansas City)
Dancefestopia (Kansas City)
Club Pink (Seattle)
Emerson Night Club (Holly Wood, CA)


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