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DJ Inkfat

DJ Inkfat

San Francisco/Los Angeles, CA

Audrey ‘Inkfat’ Esperanza was born and raised in San Francisco (Cole Valley) and had always been involved with music and the performing arts since Kindergarten. She participated in many talent shows, choir, and theatre arts performances all throughout elementary and high school; her love and passion for music stemmed from when she used to listen to her grandfather play the saxophone and when her father would sing at family functions. She was first introduced to Hip-Hop by watching her cousins breakdance in her back yard to ‘Planet Rock’ and by watching movies such as Breakin’, Beat Street and Wild Style.

She started to really get involved with the Hip-Hop culture when she was a freshman in high school and joined a B-Boy/B-Girl crew called F-Zero. This later struck her interest in emceeing by listening to a lot of the great 90’s lyricists and Hip-Hop artists during that time. Since then, she has had the opportunity to be a part of two crews that performed all across California, recorded many tracks, and collaborated with other emcees. One group was an underground Hip-Hop collective called FreePotRoc, and years later, she joined forces with a Jazz/Funk/Hip-Hop band called, Mixed Messengers. As Inkfat, the emcee, she has performed at venues such as the Red Devil Lounge, Poleng Lounge and Slims, toured with bands such as Zero Mind, Finless Brown and emcees like Mikah9, Fatlip, Zion I, Omni, Native Guns, Jel of Anticon, Melina Jones, Bicasso, Z-Mann, and countless others.

As an artist and musician, Inkfat was automatically surrounded by the different elements of Hip-Hop, and growing up as a performer, she was surrounded by DJ’s most of her young life. She found herself meeting people from all over the world, of whom introduced her to the art of turntablism. Inkfat had such a huge interest in it that she attended DJ battles herself and supported events such as I.T.F., DMC, and battles held at the infamous Zebra Records in San Francisco’s lower Haight. Although she was always fascinated by the art and dabbled at it a few times through the years, and even got her younger brother, DJ Illefect invovled by buying him his first mixer (as well as records here and there) when he was merely in his teens, emceeing always took precedence in her life. In mid 2000, she retired the mic and began to take DJ’ing more seriously and finally was able to buy her own equipment; it was love at first BPM. Because of her utmost respect and admiration for Turntablists/DJ’s she had met growing up and looked up to, the skill just came out naturally. And yes, she did learn on vinyl. “I am forever grateful for my fans that supported me through this transition as well as my mentors that believed in me and saw my truest potential. They know who they are. My promise to them is that I will always be a student, remain humble, continue to pay it forward, and never stop learning and mastering my craft,” Inkfat explains.

Now residing in LA, Inkfat is currently a member of the ‘Peaches’ Lady DJ crew (SF), Lady STA of The Supernatural Turntable Artists Mixing Division (SF), Ready on the Right (LA), and most recently, Deftal. She has a residency at the infamous Pig’N Whistle Hollywood with fellow resident and DMC Champ, P-Trix and DJ Cheps every first Saturdays and has guest at numerous venues all across Northern and Southern California including: Mercury Lounge, Beta Lounge, Skylark Bar, Eve Lounge, Temple Bar SJ, Azul Lounge, Atmosphere (SF), Risque Lounge, Shoebiz, I Hotel, Bar Basic, La Pena Cultural Center, Rock It Room, Element Lounge, Pig’N Whistle Hollywood, Beauty Bar SF and LA, The Short Stop (LA), Scotland Yard (LA), Blu Monkey (LA), Carbon LA, Grandstar Jazz Club (LA), The Federal Bar (LB), Que Sera (LB), Commissary Lounge (Costa Mesa), Medusa Lounge (LA), Bogies Nightclub (LA), Club Nokia (LA) and the list goes on. Inkfat also had the opportunity to go on a three week Mid-West tour (spanning from San Francisco to Chicago and back) with local Bay Area underground Hip-Hop Crew, BPos, in the Fall of 2012 as one of their DJs. She has DJ’ed and co-hosted the Mighty Mixshow (SF) that streamed live, bi-weekly, on the All Mighty Family Ustream site, as well as for Vibes & Stuff Radio (LA) that currently streams live every Sunday on

When Inkfat isn’t rocking the tables, playing Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Trap House, Top 40, Soul, Motown, Funk, Breakbeats, Moombahton, EDM and Club classics, she is writing for (URB Magazine),, and as a contributor.


Medusa Lounge


Federal Bar Long Beach
Federal Bar NoHo
Karman Bar
Sam’s Town Las Vegas
Foodie Fest Las Vegas
Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay Hotel
Mizuya at Mandalay Bay Hotel
Vdara Mercury Lounge
Beta Lounge
Eve Lounge
Temple Bar SJ
Azul Lounge
Atmosphere (SF)
Risque Lounge, Shoebiz
I Hotel, Bar Basic
La Pena Cultural Center
Rock It Room
Element Lounge
Beauty Bar SF and LA
The Short Stop (LA)
Scotland Yard (LA)
Blu Monkey (LA)
Carbon LA
Grandstar Jazz Club (LA)
The Federal Bar (LB)
Que Sera (LB)
Commissary Lounge (Costa Mesa)
Medusa Lounge (LA)
Bogies Nightclub (LA)
Club Nokia (LA)
The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA)
Scotland Yard (Canoga Park, CA)
LVCS (Las Vegas, NV)
Yucca Tap Room (Tempe, AZ)
Mr. Heads Art Bar (Tuscon, AZ)
Jackpot Music Hall (Lawrence, KS)
The Gramophone (St. Louis, MO)
Zazoos (Louisville, KY)
Brothers Drake (Columbus, OH)
Cause Spirits & Sound Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
Pioneer Inn (Nederland/Boulder, CO)
Kilby Court (Salt Lake City, UT)
Juniors Sports Bar (Chicago, IL)
Drenched Pool at Excalibur Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
Oasis Pool at Luxor Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
Aurora Lounge at Luxor Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
Octane Lounge at Excalibur Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, NV)


DP Sound
Lady STA of The Supernatural Turntable Artists Mixing Division (SF)
Ready on the Right (LA)

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