DJ Finyl

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DJ Finyl

Las Vegas, NV

Whether he’s spinning at an event or producing for his group, it’s safe to say that the majority of DJ Finyl’s life is consumed by music. Armed with his creative mixing, vast knowledge of music and a love for hip-hop that has spanned 3 decades, DJ Finyl is a force to be reckoned with. So much so, that he was crowned the Red Bull Big Tune Las Vegas Champion of 2009. The Red Bull Big Tune is a competition where producers/beat makers “battle” each other by playing their musical creations in front of a crowd who then vote on which “Tune” was the best. He was also crowned Revolution Lounge’s “March DJ Madness” Champion for 2012. DJ’s competed to see who could rock the party the best and in the end, DJ Finyl took the title. “Whether it’s rocking a party or producing music, I just want people have a connection whenever they hear me playing.”

His knowledge of rock and pop music came from the days his parents played music on the turntable as well as being apart of the “MTV Generation”, but his discovery and love of hip-hop came from the days he would visit his older cousins and see them break dance. “I would be at home and listen to a specific genre and then I would go see my cousins and they would play something else. I loved it all!” By associating himself with underground hip hop but using his love of music in general, it’s no wonder that DJ Finyl’s range and influences blend seamlessly together anytime he spins. Behind the tables or behind the control boards, expect to hear more of DJ Finyl in the very near future!

Winner of the Red Bull Big Tune Las Vegas 2009


Revolution Lounge- Las Vegas
Diablos- Las Vegas
Moorea Beach Club- Las Vegas
Rock The Bells Tour 2011
Strange Music Tour 2010
Streats Festival
Daddy Mac’s- Las Vegas
Caramel- Las Vegas
Downtown Lounge- Las Vegas
Beauty Bar- Las Vegas
Moon- Las Vegas
House of Blues- Las Vegas
El Rey Theatre- Los Angeles
Opera Theatre- Atlanta
Undftd- Las Vegas
Stussy- Las Vegas
M.A.C. Forum Shops- Las Vegas
The Olive- Las Vegas
Hard Rock Cafe- Las Vegas
Artisan Hotel- Las Vegas
Space Land- Los Angeles
Bugsy’s- Las Vegas

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