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DJ Wendicakes is a triple threat!

DJ Wendicakes is a triple threat!

DJ Wendicakes is one of DefTal DJ’s longest-tenured female DJ’s. With drop-dead gorgeous looks and DJ skills to match, Wendicakes has managed to become one of the hottest female DJ’s in Las Vegas and abroad! When she’s not dropping the latest bangers, she’s making appearances in music videos for acts like Far East Movement, and a featured dancer at some of the hottest clubs.

1. What’s your earliest memory of how you got into DJ’ing and what inspired you?
My earliest memory is of a good friend and I sitting in my car, driving around town. My girlfriend brought it to my attention. “You should DJ! You would be very marketable, plus you love music!” and it went from there.

2. After all you’ve been through, do you think you’ve reached, surpassed, or have not yet reached where you think you’d be up until now? Is there anything you’d change?
I definitely have accomplished so much in such a short time of my DJ career. I was signed to a major label record, Stampede Management, in my first year of DJ’ing. I have been fortunate to go on tour twice in the Far East, once with Far East Movement and the other alone with just a tour manager, not to mention my residencies in Vegas. I don’t think anyone can really feel like they’ve surpassed their goals. There is so much history to be made in the music industry. 

3. You now have two beautiful daughters. Are you planning on teaching them what you’ve learned or are you hoping they take their own path?
I am definitely showing them the ropes. I would love to actually have them DJ as a DUO, with me as their manager, but I will support and INVEST in any dream they both have.

4. What do you listen to on a regular basis when you’re not spinning?
When I’m not spinning, sometimes I just listen to silence. In all seriousness, sometimes I need a break from all the mainstream things I have to play and not even turn on the radio or my playlists. If I am in the mood to listen to something on my time off it’s usually stuff I can’t normally play like R&B, oldies, sometimes even rock and country….sometimes!

5. What’s your favorite part of DJ’ing?
My favorite part of DJ’ing is people watching. I love watching people dance especially when it’s because of what I’M playing.

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