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DJ Tanastadi is Making Las Vegas His Playground

DJ Tanastadi is Making Las Vegas His Playground

Tanastadi Feature

Since the ripe old age of 14, DJ Tanastadi has been performing for audiences around. Coming from a family of musicians he was taught how to play the guitar, drum and piano which allowed him to understand the musical basics needed for becoming a good DJ. Starting out as a turntablist for his friends and family, he enjoyed mixing music and entertaining others. His inspiration as a child was DJ Chonz from KQKS 107.5 in his home town in Denver, Colorado. He would visit the radio station events and would tell himself that he was going to do that too someday.

In 2004, DJ Tanastadi’s career began to take hold when more music was readily available to mix with and “Scratch Live” was made. At this point he had all the tools available to start his professional career. He began to play in his local clubs and was then accepted as one of the radio DJs for KQKS 107.5, in which he still performs for today. Being a Radio DJ has taught him to read his audience and how to be creative for each and every performance.

To be stagnant is not a trait that describes DJ Tanastadi. He spends over 6 hours a day studying his music and practicing new techniques to create different styles of mixing to popular music. He believes when you stop creating and researching, you get stuck. His inspiration is to have that element of surprise when performing. To revamp his skills and teaching abilities he teaches DJ classes at BLEND, where he stresses the importance of practice and research.

When he moved to Las Vegas he knew he would have to entertain people from all walks of life. Since 2011, DJ Tanastadi has enjoyed performing with DEFTAL DJS at Eyecandy Lounge in Mandalay Bay has given him the experience to play to with all kinds of different visitors who come to enjoy Las Vegas nightlife. To be able to read your audience and captivate them is a skill he doesn’t take lightly. By always asking the question “How can I make it different?” he has been able to grow as a DJ. Here at DEFTAL we are proud to have him on our team and to someday escort him on his way to excellence and achievement. DJ Tanastadi is an inspiring DJ with goals and ambitions to play alongside DJs A Trak, Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Scene.

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